Augustana University Civitas Honors Program Application

    The Latin word “Civitas” means, in its broadest sense, “citizenship:” exercising the inherent rights, privileges and responsibilities of a given place. The Augustana University Civitas Honors Program invites students of exceptional quality to consider the values central to responsible citizenship at Augustana, in the United States, and in the global community. Founded on Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s essay The Structure of Responsible Life, Civitas provides students with a rigorous intellectual exploration of the intersections between vocation, citizenship, and local, national, and global service.

    Applicants should hold a minimum 3.5 high school GPA to qualify for admission. International students must hold a minimum score of 600 on the SAT Evidence Based Reading/Writing test or sub-scores of 27 or higher for the ACT English and Reading tests in order to be considered for Civitas Admission. The freshman cohort is limited to 40 students. Applications are reviewed as they are received up until the freshmen cohort is full. Please direct questions to Dr. William Swart, Civitas Director (

    Your high school transcript and ACT/SAT scores are already on file with the Office of Admission and will be made available to the Civitas committee for evaluation. In addition, please address the following questions to apply for candidacy to the Civitas Honors Program. 
    Student Information
    Mailing Address
    Mailing Address
    Please list the extracurricular and community service activities you participated in during high school. Note the inclusive years of participation (freshman, sophomore, junior, and/or senior year) and state level recognition (all state athletics, honor choir, symphony, etc.)
    Extracurricular and Community Service Activities
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    Short essay responses
    The Civitas program seeks students who understand that intellectual development is equally important as a high GPA or SAT score.  We are looking for students interested in the rigorous exploration of the values, practices, and decisions involved in leading a responsible life and practicing local, national and global citizenship.  Ideally, the person best suited to Civitas honors is the student who is willing to partner with faculty and students in small seminar classes designed to push the boundaries of their thinking.  To that end, the Civitas committee asks applicants to submit a piece of work that they feel best exemplifies their intellectual or creative ability.  Your submission might include a piece of art, a written work (research paper, essay, poem, etc.), a science project, a musical composition, or a video.  It may be something you submitted for a grade or any intellectual work you deem appropriate.  This requirement is intentionally flexible; our goal is to gain a more holistic sense of you and your intellect. Physical objects submitted for consideration will be returned to the students after their application is considered.

    The admission committee will not evaluate the project itself. Instead, we ask you to demonstrate your fit to the goals of Civitas by providing an essay of approximately 500 words that connects your project to the following prompt:
    • Consider the process of creating project.  How is the end product different from the way you originally conceived of it?  What stumbling blocks did you encounter along the way and how did you respond to those challenges?  How did the project challenge you to think in new ways or teach you important intellectual or life lessons?